Nothing captures the hardcore spirit the way a live show does. The best hardcore bands build their reputation through the live show rather than a studio album. Killing A Sound looks to capture that raw emotion that bands tear through every night and reproduce it directly to tape with no digital interference. First up, ACAF headliners Pulled Under and Survival Method. 


With Pulled Under releasing The Antithesis of Life last month and Survival Method's Reality Blurred coming out later this year, the headliners at ACAF will be packing quite the heavy punch. Both bands just got back from their FYA festivities in Florida and are ready to continue their reign as Texas Hardcore's elite. 

Flyer by Jerrad Dodd

Flyer by Jerrad Dodd

Pulled Under and Survival Method's sets will be recorded live at 1919 Hemphill, then immediately be taken from the mix board's master tape and duplicated and cased for sale at the show. Only 15 tapes (in black) will be made and sold at the show.   

Jason Arp